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Tshiamo Impact Partners

Partnering with underserved small and medium enterprises to provide fit-for-purpose capital, which generates local business growth, sustainable jobs and lasting socioeconomic impact and returns.
Tshiamo Impact Partners is an impact advisory and boutique asset management business that is currently fundraising for a Gender Lens Impact Fund.
Tshiamo Impact Partners is a trusted partner in impact advisory and boutique asset management. We are now fundraising for our own Tshiamo Gender Lens Impact Fund.
Tshiamo is 100% black-women-owned and 100% black-women-managed, and has successfully managed an allocation for two angel investor groups - made up of 50 African women who invest with a gender lens. These funds have achieved attractive, above-average financial returns and created clear social value, using flexible and innovative impact funding instruments.
We are leveraging our experience and track record to build a South Africa focused fund which invests growth capital and technical assistance into women-led and women-owned businesses, who are tackling some of the most pressing socioeconomic needs, whilst generating sustainable jobs and long-term impact.

Our Work

Impact Advisory

Tshiamo Impact is passionate in supporting institutions to unlocking impact capital that will create sustainable & attractive return on capital alongside social value

Gender Lens Impact Fund

The Tshiamo team is currently fundraising for a Gender Lens Impact Fund that will close the SME funding & gender gap while empowering women on the continent, starting in South Africa.

Tshiamo Foundation

Tshiamo Foundation actively enhances social entrepreneurship and address gender equality by supporting and investing into projects that demonstrate progressive social impact on addressing poverty and inequality

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